Updates for the New Year!

Hope everyone is having a good break! We are having Welcome Back Workshops soon, you can find the Facebook event page here.

Take a look at our most recent workshops:

Also if you haven’t heard yet, we are having our fifth annual OVRDRV on February 7, 2015! You don’t want to miss this, as it is our biggest and best yet!
The event page is here.

In case you don’t know, OverDrive is an annual jam and dance showcase hosted along with Bulletproof Funk.
OVERDRIVE Jam & Dance Showcase was created to promote authentic Street and Hip Hop dance culture. Our mission is to bridge the gap between the different communities within our dance scene by showcasing all styles of dance on the same stage.
TO BREAK IT DOWN…we’ll be hosting a two part event. The day portion consists of All-Styles + B-boy Jam. The night showcase includes the semifinalists and finalists battles, performances from amazing crews and judges from all over the country, and dope exhibition battles!

OVRDRV5 poster

Our past workshops!

It’s been a very busy semester! Here are the videos of our end of the year workshops from last spring, as well as the beginning of the year workshops from this fall!


Unofficial Project at Footwork 2014

This was our last performance for this semester. We had a great time, and keep an eye out for our workshops coming up! We will be hosting TWO days of workshops, that’s four workshops in total! The first will be on April 17, 7-9PM, in SAO Gym C. The workshops will be taught by Calvin Hui and James Christianson. The next day of workshops will be on April 24, 7-9PM, again in SAO Gym C. Choreographers will be announced at a later date!


Here’s the video from our Elements XIV performance this semester! We had a great time performing this set, if only YouTube didn’t block Beyonce’s songs….


Videos from OVRDRV4.0 are now up! Check out our performance we did in collaboration with Bulletproof Funk, to open the show. We had so much fun learning popping and waacking for this set!

Follow Us on Instagram!!

If you haven’t noticed the IG pictures on the side, we now have an Instagram! Follow us at @UProBU. We’ll keep you updated from our experience at Elements XIV tomorrow!


Elements VIII

Elements XIV is coming up this weekend!!!! We already performed our set at BU last weekend, but we will be debuting new costumes. Check out the video from last year’s Elements in anticipation for this year!